About Us

Who We Are
The Weaver Research Institute is a non-profit organization devoted to building "Zion" and to the promoting and research of Zionistic principles. Our organizaion has a religious basis in the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We truly believe the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Kingdom of God on earth and that faithful members and non-members alike can both strengthen their families and improve their communities by diligently trying to live and promote the Christian principle of Zion which God has laid out in the scriptures. We also believe because these principles are true and based on solid "common sense" the scientific community is beginning to see their value. We believe the family is the source of this life's greatest joys and that a solid, close-knit, good hearted community aids it's success. We believe in God's ability to lead His children by the guidance of His Spirit and that the pursuit of truth, in both science and scripture, will ultimately bring us closer to God and His happiness.

Belief in Literal Scriptures
Above all else, we believe the scriptures are literal. We echo Joseph Smith's statement that the Book of Mormon (and all the scriptures, for that matter) are "the truest of all books on earth, and that a man can grow closer to God by abiding by [their] precepts than by any other books." We believe the Bible timeline is accurate. We believe Adam was the first man on this earth and was created by God sometime around 6,000 years ago, and that by him "came death." We believe the City of Enoch was actually translated into heaven. We believe Noah's Flood was global and that "all that had the breath of life died." We believe the sun stood still in the sky as recorded in the Book of Joshua. We believe in all the miracles mentioned in scripture.

Belief in Scientific Evidence
We also believe that good science is truth and is, in its own way, scripture. We believe that God used "scientific" principles to create the earth and perform His "miracles." Some of these principles are now understood by man and some are far beyond our current understanding. We believe there is some truth in both the principles of uniformitarianism and evolution. Unlike most creationist, we do not believe that most of the Earth's layers and landforms were created and sculpted during Noah's Flood. We believe that, other than the time-span (thousands of years vs. billions) and the driving mechanism for plate tectonics (periodic catastrophe vs. convection currents), geologists have quite accurately discovered and described the processes which shaped the world we know today.

We believe that in a day soon to come God will reveal, through science, the rest of the means which He used to create the earth and accomplish His miracles. We believe that the truth can only be found by putting unwavering faith in the scriptures and their historical accounts.

Belief that God Answers Prayers
We believe that through the Holy Ghost we "may know the truth of all things." We believe that God answers prayers. We believe that truth stands independent of the sphere in which it is found, be it science, scripture, church, or school. We believe the gospel embraces all truth, whether found in the scriptures or a science textbook. We believe that God has revealed to us many aspects of how modern scientific discoveries correlate with the scriptures and that God did this simply because we asked and were willing to do the work necessary to truly understand the answer. We do not think anyone should just 'believe' anything they read or hear. We believe it is the responsibility and privilege of those who read our research to ponder & pray, asking God if what they are reading is true. We believe that God is able and willing to answer such prayers.

Future Goals
We hope to find others who have a love for the Word of God, a firm belief that the scriptures are literal, and a desire to learn. There is much to be done and many areas of research in which to embark. We hope that if these things interest you, you will contact us and let us help you find a place to begin.


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