New At Weaver Research

June 2006
  • Many new changes coming this month! The biggest news on is the site right now is that it has a new look, which is much easier to service and hopefully navigate. Tell us what you think about the new style. Also, if you see any bugs that we've missed please let us know.
May 2006
  • This What's New page redone! (We'll try to update this page at least by the end of each month with all the new changes)
  • Archeology Overview is redone to include information on all of our archeology research to date.
  • Site Map has been updated to have all the new pages on it and now the links work with it.
  • Proofreading all pages (a task that is ongoing and eternal!). We've mostly just started looking for spelling errors.
April 2006
  • The text on the Home Page redone so that it is shorter and easier to understand.
  • New User Forum—Check it out! We'd love to hear from you!
  • The text on the Get Involved page has been redone so that it is shorter and easier to understand.
  • Reformatted Image Gallery so that it is more stable and easier to find the pictures that you are looking for.
March 2006
  • Added an Introduction to Radiometric Dating to the Archeology Research Paper section. This is just an extract from another paper, but now it is easier to understand and find what you are looking for.
February 2006
  • All Geology Research Papers in HTML so that they are smaller and easier to download and maintain. This also cuts down on server traffic so the entire site runs faster!
  • Geology Overview has been revised and almost completely rewritten so that it explains all of the research that we have completed to this point.
  • Updated Links Page with more of our favorite sites, so you don't have to search the entire WWW for them!
January 2006
  • Contact Form added for anyone that has any questions, comments, or ideas for us.

Coming Soon

  • In-depth presentations on Geology & Archeology
  • Source notes for Book of Mormon Stories Unearthed in HTML